Friday, July 3, 2015

Well, guess I'm a little behind in posting greeting cards.  It has been a busy spring and summer.  Weather turned warm early this year.  My husband and I worked hard to get the vegetable garden in and clean out the berry beds.  Irises came into full bloom and were gorgeous for several weeks.  Roses are enjoying our warm weather.  We've now been picking Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries for weeks.  Yes, everything came on about 6 weeks early.  Blueberries are almost done, a month early.  We picked our first good batch of Marionberries this morning before it got too hot.  We now have blueberries and raspberries in the freezer for the winter.  The weather is so hot, and so prolonged, we will probably lose some strawberry plants; however, my husband's herb garden is not doing too bad.  He has picked and dried a batch of herbs already this year.  The Pacific Northwest rarely has such warm lengthy stretches of weather like this.

With other things going on, mainly with family, I've had little time to work in my craft room.  I did get some birthday and graduation cards done, so here's a look-see....

Most of you are aware that I've been doing a lot of 3-D, layered cards the past year.  Here are the pieces trimmed out for a cousin's birthday card.

And the finished product!

For his twin brother, I did a Cow, 5 layers as well...

For the older brother, I did this 9-layered soccer match.

And, just in case the twins were getting too old for the Fox and Cow birthday cards, I whipped up a couple of Dinosaur cards....

Thankfully, the Fox and Cow cards are good for this year, but next year, I should make a little bit more advanced cards for the twins.

Then, I needed to make a high school Graduation card for another cousin.

Not a bad card for not having any graduation materials in my craft room.  But I still have two other graduation cards to make yet. (And I thought I was done with graduations when the kids grew up!)

I did have a chance to get into my craft room extension to play a little bit with our new Silhouette Cameo that we won at our local scrapbooking shop earlier this spring.  I love the way this design turned out!  Next, to turn it into a card...

Ooops, that college Graduation card.  This was for a family friend who studied history and geography.

Inside of the card...I do not remember where I got this piece of paper, but it was perfect for this!

Lastly, I made a birthday card for a man much into music.

I have cards for sell on my work table, so as soon as I get photos, I will put them up for your viewing.

Have a safe 4th of July!