Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sometimes it is just so hard to put a card together.  You have an idea of topic and some papers to use.  Then what?  I really had this problem with these last two Peacock cards.  Here is what I finally came up with:

Lavender background paper embossed Mini Peacock Feathers (the crafters workshop). 2-layered pink Peacock (sizzix) pop dots on basic black paper; Blue, Green & Gold glitter glue on ocelli.  Blue glitter ribbon tape, Flowers (petaloo), pink & purple gemstones (hero arts) and blue, gold & green crystals (elements) complete the card.

I am trying to keep these cards simple, yet attractive.  Sometimes, this is really hard to do, especially with this next one:

Peacock Frame (cheery lyn designs) in metallic dark gray paper, on White Wash matt and Black Tie base paper.  Dark red coral ribbon.  The papers give a little bling, deserving of Peafowl, but the card is still basic and simple.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It has been terribly busy around here lately with medical appointments, gardening and picking berries and produce.  However, I did manage to get some cards completed to sell:

These are all 3-D, four-layer greeting cards.

In one of my gift boxes from our Belgium friends was a box of round greeting cards.  Here is what I finally did with some of them.

 This one I gave to a friend for her birthday card.

A few more 3-D four-layer cards to sell....

As you know, each year I donate a set of 4 Peacock greeting cards to United Peafowl Association.  This is the first one:

Peacock die cut (tattered lace) out of green metallic paper on White Gloves matt paper over basic Lavender base paper embossed Courtship (courture creations).  Arched Elegance die cut/embossed (spellbinders) on Gold Foil (martha stewart essentials).  Paper Flower (deco-time) completes the card.  Simple, unusual (in way paper is cut, but wanted to show off the embossed peacock feathers and this peacock is SO big!), and basic.

Peacock card #2 -- Small Peacock die-cut (tessler crafts) on pop dots on gold matt over Blossom base paper (netherlands). Glitter green ribbon, 2 flowers (petaloo) and 3 studs (made by me). 

I have two more Peacock cards to finish before the convention in September.

This Peacock card is for sell -- Same Peacock as earlier (tattered lace) out of grey-blue paper on White Gloves base.  Glitter blue ribbon tape and 3 Star studs in gold, copper and silver (made by me).

This 3-D, three-layered greeting card is for a friend's birthday.  I'm a little behind in getting cards out, so I gotta get a move on!  This Pot of Flowers is on blue card stock with blue floral glitter base (netherlands).  Brown paper is cut 3½ inches Oval Frame (cricut).  Dual pink washi tape (netherlands), 3-D butterfly (netherlands) and Pearls (medium from queen & co and small from kaiser scrapbook).

This card is going to another friend (July is quite busy with birthdays).  The 3-D Violets are 2 layers on basic blue paper over Floral base (netherlands).  3-D butterfly, green washi floral tape (netherlands) and 3 gold rhinestones (kaiser scrapbook).  (Look carefully -- washi tape is right under the blue paper.)

Lastly, this Mariners card is for another friend's husband.  Seattle Mariners base paper (urban scrapbooker), stock green matt cut in diamond shapes, Mariners jersey & hat (ek success), Happy Birthday dazzle (hotp) on shimmer light green paper on pop dots.  Basic and simple for the perfect Mariners fan!

We are working on our holiday craft show schedule.  Spring shows were booked before we could complete the applications and our summer is way too hot this year to do any summer shows (I simply cannot handle the heat).  Keep an eye on this site for our holiday gift shows.  I will have greeting cards, and my husband will have etched glassware and handmade chocolates for your gift needs.  Since we have an abundance of herbs this year, we are thinking of packaging and selling some packets.  Come on out to the shows and see what we, and other vendors, have for your shopping needs!