Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Have you ever celebrated your birthday at your local zoo?  My 50th birthday is coming up, on May 30. I thought and I thought and I thought for months about what to do for my birthday. This was not just any ordinary celebration. I didn't want a black balloon/over-the-hill affair. I wanted to remember this milestone in my life and have happy thoughts connected to it. For years, my husband and I traveled the weekend of my birthday, which is nice, but we really didn't do anything special. Now that I am retired and we do not travel as much, last year we drove up around Camano and Whidbey Islands. We did have fun and enjoyed the trip. But this year has to be special.

I finally decided on a zoo party at our local Woodland Park Zoo.  I explored the website and discovered that quite a bit has changed since we were last there when the kids were in grade and middle school (they are now in their late 20's and early 30's). So after I had half an idea of what I wanted to do, I called the zoo party line and finalized the details of the party. Then off to make invitations (while watching the Kentucky Derby)....

The 50th Birthday Party Invitations are all made and mailed. They turned out great! Take a look:

Front of one invitation (they are all different). Used a Cricut banner from Reminisce Accents cartridge by Creative Memories. This is becoming by far my favorite cartridge. The giraffe tag and parrot sticker are from a collection by Cavallini & Co. These were carried by The Paper Zone; the local stores in our area closed down earlier this year. These are just adorable for scrapbooking and cards.

The inside of each card stating what the party is, date, time and location. The tag is different for each card.

 The back of each invitation has animals. Can't tell you what these are about as some of our party guests will be viewing this blog. The guests have to bring their invitations to find out what this is all about. This is not just my 50th birthday party, but also a time for the guests to relax and enjoy the event.

 The front of another invitation. Notice the bling in between "You're" and "Invited". These took a lot of lettering!

A third invitation. Paper came from a variety of sources, but all well matched.

And a fourth invitation. This bird tag and the other animal tags came from the same collection of animal tags and stickers.

I will post the other invitation cards next time.

A scrapbook of this party will be made complete with lots of photos, and related papers and theme as these cards. I will post a couple photos when it is completed.

Next time you want to have a special birthday party, check out your local Zoo!

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New House Mouse challenge. The samples are just adorable, so get going on your contest entry. I will not be making one as you know what I'll be doing -- Birthday Party at the Zoo!

Reading back on some of my blog entries, I realized that I never did get those St. Patrick's Day cards made. I did not make any Easter cards either -- I mailed some I had made the previous year.  I did not get a Mother's Day card made, though I did call my mother. I am way behind in making birthday cards (again). Being sick with a nasty cold and infection, with seriously irritated asthma for two months sure puts a crimp in life.

I did get some banana bread made recently though.....

And yes, they were very yummy!!

Have you ever seen Basic Grey papers and Card Kits?  I love their stuff.  My local scrapbooking store and many other stores I've visited over the years carries their products.  Check out these wonderful papers and greeting card kits. When you want to do a few cards, but the brain isn't working right, then pull out a greeting card kit. When you buy your kits, choose the card kits that show cards you know you will use and that suit your taste.

See you right here in early June!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hi Everyone --

It has been pretty busy around here.  Our craft show two weekends ago went very well. That lovely Iris card I made sold quickly as well as several other new cards (Peacock tile one of them). I will have to do a couple more of these cards as they were just too cute!! I am also happy to relate that older greeting cards, some of my sister's greeting cards, and some of my husband's etched glassware and handmade chocolates also sold. For a first-time show, it did very well.  We are already signed up to do next year's show.

If you are not aware, this Saturday, May 5th, is National Scrapbooking Day. I will have a 4-foot table set up in my front room so I can work on my 50th birthday party invitations while watching The Kentucky Derby.

If you wish to enter a scrapbook challenge, pop on over to my sister's blog Jan Wheatley and participate in the contest. If you win, let me know. Send along a photo of you and your award winning project and I will be happy to post on my blog.

Of course, check with your local scrapbooking store as they very well could be hosting a big party and huge sale -- Urban Scrapbooker in Edmonds, Washington is. My husband and I hope to make it over before the horse race (and his car race -- just in case we are delayed in town, we are recording both!).

Yes, check out these links above -- that is what they are for!!

Now, after a weekend full of scrapbooking and card making, what do you do if you've run low or completely out of supplies?  You pop on down to the Puyallup Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival in Puyallup, Washington.  Heirloom Production hosts about 11 of these shows through the US each year, so be sure to check out the link and find out where your nearest Festival is. We have attended this show before and have spent quite a bit of money as there is so much to see and acquire that you cannot get at your local store. We will not be attending this year as we have other things to do -- like make birthday party invitations and get ready for the party! If you are able, this Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival is not one to miss. If you are not able to go this year, get on their e-mail list and save up for next year!

So much to do, so little time. Have a great crafting weekend everyone!