Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile since I've last blogged -- busy with husband ending up on medical leave, being separated from his job, filing for long-term disability, and all the garbage that goes along with all this.   Then, I got sick just after Christmas and on into the new year.

HOWEVER, I have been able to sneak in a few days to make greeting cards!

Years ago, I used to make greeting cards with postage stamps being the central theme.  After a couple of years of doing them, I stopped as I was no longer satisfied with them.  Mid last year, customers and fellow vendors started inquiring about them, asking if I was going to do them anymore.  I took another look at the designs, and finally figured out what I needed to do -- use smaller card stock!  I posted some of those newly designed cards on November 20 -- didn't they look great!  Yes, the background paper is part of the design to enhance the cards.

After our holiday Craft Shows were finished in December, we still had a final (postage) stamp show to attend.  I decided to take the unsold stamp greeting cards and my husband's unsold handmade chocolates.  They were a hit at the show!  Just about sold out.  Customers and vendors told us we had to bring the stamp greeting cards and handmade chocolates to each stamp show from then on.  We have two stamp shows coming up on February 9 and February 16, so the stamp greeting cards and fresh handmade chocolates will be available there.  Pop on over to my other website for stamp show dates and addresses: 
If you are in the area, feel free to stop in and buy some goodies.  At a future stamp show, I will also be holding (postage) stamp greeting card classes, and some regular greeting card classes (with classes outside the stamp shows).  Stay tuned for design samples, dates, locations and price.

Here are postage stamp greeting cards I have been working on for the two stamp shows coming up.  Enjoy!

I am really lovin' the leaves I picked up from Urban Scrapbooker. They really add something to these cards.  I should have picked up more!

Remember, I am also selling my greeting cards at I Did It Creations on the internet, so feel free to stop by and see those cards.  To find my cards, always click on "Artists", then "Earth Dragon Creations".

Til next time.....Happy Crafting!

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