Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!  We are not taking the day off as we are getting ready for the big SeaTac International Festival this coming weekend.  This is the first time we've done this show, and it is a big one.

I completed more cards that I started earlier last week.  Most of these take two days to complete -- Day 1 to emboss and dry, and Day 2 to make into cards and/or add Gold Leafing, then turn into cards.  So, here we go....

White embossed Cranes with some glitter glue to enhance the birds.

The leaves and stems are green embossed, but the flowers are white embossed.  Green glitter glue was used to enhance the leaves, and pink, yellow and orange glitter glue were used to enhance the flowers.

Silver embossed Dolphins.

Black embossed Whale.

Silver embossed Flowers with glitter glue, smooch and copic markers to enhance flower features.

Mixed used on this card -- Copper embossed Moose, copic markers colored trees and paper for ground and sky.  Acorn brad attaches leaf to card.  Can't decide if I like this one or not....

Gold embossed Unicorn.

Silver embossed Elephant trio.  Notice the button in the lower left.

Black embossed Bison.

I've had this copper embossed Chocolat hanging around for a long time. What to do with it?  Ah, forgot I had some of these party items!

Leaves are green embossed, but the Calla Lily flower is silver embossed base with Blue Gold Leafing on top.  I do not make very many Gold Leafing cards as they are so time-consuming to do.  But they are popular with our customers, so hopefully these will sell quickly.

Copper base embossing with Green Gold Leafing on top.

Silver embossing base with Blue Gold Leafing.  You must have some kind of embossing base for the gold leafing to adhere to.

Lastly, for our Scottish/Celtic friends, red embossed base with Blue Gold Leafing.  I only embossed the Lion and left the shield red embossed.

My greeting cards are priced $4 to $7, depending on technique and how many goodies are on the card.  All the postage stamp greeting cards I've shown in the past are $4 each.

Come out to the SeaTac International Festival and purchase your favorite greeting card(s).  All cards are blank inside and come with matching envelope.

Keith has been working up new etched glassware items, so be sure to come and get your set of wine glasses, cookie jar, vase, or apothecary jars.

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