Saturday, August 23, 2014

Morning everyone!  I finally finished some cards I started over a week ago (or was it two weeks?).  These are 3-D greeting cards.  Some of these are a little different than what you are used to seeing from me, but when I can find 3-D materials, I grab it up immediately.  So here we go....

I love Glads, so I think that is why I picked up this kit of materials.  This packet had enough materials for six 3-D floral cards.  Notice  the Bee and blue Butterfly brads.

Side view of the 3-D flowers.  All these cards have 4 layers.  I am using the tiny pop squares for the layering so they will be easier for customers to mail.

Daffodils are another favorite.  It is unfortunate they do not stay around very long in the spring.  3-D Butterfly and various bling make the card attractive.

These remind me of African Daisies I planted in one of my front flower gardens a few years ago.  They lasted so long for our enjoyment!  The ribbon is unusual in that I believe it came off a box of chocolates....

The base papers and 3-D Butterflies on the above cards were from Europe.

I grew up with Trilliums which grew in the woods behind our house.  I was always taught never to pick them as the plant dies once the flowers are picked.  They do not transplant well.  Maybe this is a wives' tale.  Either way, it was fun putting together this 4-layer 3-D card.

As you know, I love purple, so these flowers were perfect for me to "pick".  

 Daisies are always so pretty to see in gardens.  Notice how well the larger piece of lace fits this card.

Side view showing the layers of the Flower designs using larger pop squares.

In the past, I have done some Foil 3-D greeting cards.  I do not often see materials for these types of cards.  I came across these Fairies and discovered there is a Rose design for a third card.

Monarch Fairy romping through yellow roses.  I was going through my ribbons and discovered this green yarn.  I thought, why not?  When I laid it down on my design board, I loved it!  It just does something for the card.

The other Fairy greeting card with dark blue wings flitting through Red Roses.

I photographed the Fairies from the front side as they are difficult to see otherwise.

Lastly, the Roses in 3-D.

The first 6 Floral 3-D cards were easier to make.  They are made of stiffer card stock, so easier to work with.  The Foil 3-D cards were much more difficult to work with.  The foil is thin and fragile, and one has to be very careful not to tear the design.  I successfully did them all without damage.

These cards will all be available at the SEATAC International Festival in two weeks.  Come on out and see what else is available.

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