Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Easter cards for this year:

 Notice metallic Easter egg brad on both these cards.

 Bunny punch-out on inside of card.

Bunny punches using different color paper on inside of card.  Simple, but a nice touch.

One of the recipients of these cards called me early this morning with a hearty Thank You!  They love their Easter card!

If you remember, I enter Greeting Card Challenges every once in a while, but have not won anything.  A couple weeks ago, I entered a Challenge where all I had to do was leave a comment.  (I've done this once before.)  I just couldn't pass up this opportunity, as it was sponsored by DCWV.  Lo and behold, I won (1 of 3 winners)!  Here are photos of my goodies:

The entire "she-bang!"

Close-up photos.....

Some of these paper packs were on my wish list, some I have never seen before.  So many goodies and so little time to make greeting cards!  Of course, I will post photos of cards I make from these products.  (And, yes, Jan is drooling over what she thinks she can sneak out when she comes over for Spring Break tomorrow!)

I am just beyond "tickled pink" with my goody boxes (came in two shipments). ...And now you know what I look like....

How many of you have shopped for scrapbooking/card making supplies on the Home Shopping Network (Channel 17 through Comcast in Washington state)?  I have not yet.  What is your opinion of the quality of the products? Prices? I would be very much interested in hearing your opinions on this.  Thanks Vickie F. for the heads-up!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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