Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I just love doing 3-D, layered greeting cards!  They are so much fun!  Of course, they are more fun when the pieces are punch-out, but even if I have to hand cut them out (which takes much longer), the cards are simply stunning!

This is a new set of 3-D greeting cards, all with 3 layers.  This kitten and puppy are sitting on Belle paper stack (wild rose studio) with white braided ribbon.

These "kids" are enjoying their toy on Stationer's Desk (prima) with a blue ribbon and 3 different red brads (medium red, dark red and glitter red).

These sweeties are enjoying their roses on Annabelle's Meadow paper pack (wild rose studio), with a sheer green ribbon and 3 pearls (kaiser scrapbook).

Lastly, these little guys are cuddling on Blue Bell paper pack (wild rose studio), purple coral ribbon and 3 Pearls (clover leaf of the Netherlands).

All of these cards are available for sale on our new selling website.  Have some more of these cuties to finish up before I post, so stay tuned....

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