Monday, March 21, 2016

Here are the cards I did in February....

Hand cross stitched Scottie for our dog-loving customers.

I started doing a bunch of layered cards back in December, but did not have time to finish them.  Here they are in finished form.....Yes, this one and the next two are foil layered cards.

Still trying to keep the cards simple.

Hand layered birthday card!

For the "foodie" customer.  Remember, the paper has to "work" with the card.

Yes, still hand layered cards.

We have a large show coming up in early June, the Seattle Pet Expo.  It is a two-day event at the Seattle Convention Center.  This will be our first time holding a booth.  In preparation for it, I am creating a BUNCH of cat and dog themed cards.  This is what I have so far.....

Keeping it simple so I can sell these cards are a reasonable price.

Don't you just love these kitties?!

Now, this one is different.  It is a rub-on from Europe.  The US rub-ons are VERY difficult to work with.  I got a bunch from our Belgium friends, and this is the first one I attempted.  So EASY and FUN!  And makes a great card!

I have 4 nieces and nephews who enjoy hearing from Auntie Carol and Uncle Keith.  The kitty and dog card above, I sent to one nephew.  Lightning McQueen below I was going to send to the other nephew, but his birthday is so close by, I held it out for then.

These two cards I made for my two nieces in California.

Lastly, I stitched this one for my Sister-in-Law's birthday.  We always go to the local Sewing & Stitchery Expo together, which is always very close if not on her birthday.  She has kept every card I made for her.

Til next time!

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