Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hi Everyone!  Happy New Year's, Happy Valentine's Day and everything in between!  Yes, I am quite behind in everything, but the year started off running....Oh wait, not actually.

New Year's Eve day, my husband and I decided it was time to sneak out of town and get our snow fix.  Yes, we really did sneak out of town.  It was great!!! Loved the snow at Snoqualmie Pass, my sister and family had snow at their place, and it snowed a couple more inches while we were there.  We visited for 5 days, enjoyed the snow, relaxed, played with their family's dogs and cats, enjoyed the snow some more, and then drove home in the snow over White Pass. Even saw Elk up there.  Nice mini vacation, much deserved!

Upon returning home, we jumped right back in to medical appointments for the husband, some annual medical stuff for me, getting ready to do our income tax return (those are done, check!), and all manner of family stuff.  A brother moved in temporarily in early February to work full time at a contract job.  That contract was extended another month, so he's still here.  My sister from eastern Washington came over with her family in late February to attend a concert.  They bought tickets so we could attend with them.  Not our usual kind of music, but it was actually relaxing and enjoyable.

In the meantime, I've been able to sneak in some card making time here and there.  Here's what I created in January.....and I'll post more cards over the next several weeks.  Enjoy!

 With this set of cards, I am trying for simple, very simple, but still attractive and/or fun.

Embossed backgrounds, ribbon and/or design on top.  Simple but nice.

This one is hand layered (I put the pieces together).

Commercial layered sticker for a fun summer card.

Another layered I put together.

A Peacock tag still makes for a nice greeting card!

This Rose turned out to be too much for a greeting card, so I put it in a trivet, added a few bling, ribbon and background paper, and gave it to my husband for his Valentine's Day "card."  He loves it!

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