Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I had to take time out of making greeting cards to make a Baby Folio.  Here is the baby card I made for the new mother.  The paper matches the Folio.

And the Baby Folio....I started with Tim Holtz blank folio, and decorated the cover and created all the pages inside.

 Cover of the Folio.

Inside cover of folio as well as center flaps with pages under.

Close-up of inside flap.

Center section of folio.

Top flap of center section.

Center pages.

Bottom flap.

More center pages....

Last page of the center pages section.  There is a big pocket behind this paper so the mother can add more photos and/or other memorabilia.

Inside flap of folio that closes over the right side of folio keeping everything inside.

The purpose of the Baby Folio is to make notations of the baby's birth and first year.  Photos and other items can be added.  The mother was very excited to receive this handmade gift -- took 3 days to make.  Baby is due any time now.

Oh, and to my mother, since it is today -- Happy Birthday Mom!

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