Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My sister got me started using Copic Markers last year. Do you use Copics? There is a color chart of them on-line: 

Previously, I posted the link to a blank Copic marker chart so you could color in each matching number as you buy your Copics. This chart gives you all the colors for easy reference. Unfortunately, we cannot pin it (Pinterest).  I am listed on Pinterest under Carol Edholm.

I have a wide variety of designers and manufacturers of scrapbooking papers and bling that I enjoy. Today, I want to tell you about one of my huge favorites -- Teresa Collins. My husband and I were first introduced to her line about 5 years ago. We took a travel journal class at one of our local scrapbooking stores (unfortunately, this store has since closed as the owners retired and did not have a buyer).  The kit we used was a Teresa Collins kit. Loved it!  So much so that we bought the Bind-It-All machine, and keep a stock of book covers and binding wire on hand so we can do more travelogues.  I am putting together a scrapbook from when my husband fell seriously ill 18 months ago, with a lengthy hospital stay and his recovery.  I am putting together a book of my 50th Birthday  last year -- party at the local zoo (you saw the handmade invitations last year), friends and family coming in for visits after, and oh so much fun (and very little work done) for a month!  Over the years, we've done travelogues to Kansas (2008 -- college graduation gift a 12 X 12" scrapbook of her life from birth to this college graduation) and two small vacations in 2009 (Yakima and Sequim, Washington) -- these were small travelogues (5 X 7" books).  Our vacation in 2010 to Canada was a large 12 X 12" travelogue.  These are loads of fun to do! We are currently working on gathering material for a travelogue for our Alaskan Cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary in 2014.

Keith and I took another class from Teresa Collins herself in August 2010.  She is an entertaining teacher and she clearly loves her work. We took the class at Benjamin Franklin in Bonney Lake, Washington (about an hour's drive south of our home).  I even won a door prize!  She did another class at BF a couple of months ago, but we were not able to attend; her classes sold out quickly.  If you have a chance to take a class from Teresa, do so -- you will not regret it.  This Bonney Lake craft store is well stocked with Teresa Collins supplies, so we make a trip down there 1 - 2 times a year just so I can get my Teresa Collins fix (and my husband is just as bad as I am in picking up items)!

The college graduate with 3 of her buddies (she is second from right)!

 A page in the travelogue with the signatures of the Frontier flight crew, including the Pilot and Co-Pilot. They all enjoyed signing!

Erin with her 12 X 12 Life Album. She loved it -- and had forgotten about some of the fun events the photos showed.  Isn't that the purpose of these albums?

Another store I love to visit is Scrapbook Nook in Kent, Washington.  We only get down there once or twice a year.  They used to be well stocked with Teresa Collins goodies, but the past two times we visited (last spring and this past weekend), their stock was pretty weak in this area.  However, if you are a big Bo Bunny fan, they have loads of her goodies!  When we visited this past weekend, we picked up what we could of Teresa Collins, a few items of Tim Holtz and several more items from the Bo Bunny line. Could have spent way more dollars, but we are trying hard to stick to a budget (so we can go on our cruise next year).   When you are in the area, be sure to stop in at Scrapbook Nook -- tons of goodies to take home!

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