Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

My husband and I made a ton of greeting cards for the holidays (okay, 60).  And guess what?  I forgot to take photos of them before we mailed them out!  That's what happens when you spend 4 days in bed with a nasty bug and then try to get them out before Christmas (mailed on December 24).  Oh well.....

One of our recipients did take a photo of their card and emailed it to me.

Notice that the card writing is not in English (I live in the US).  These Dazzles were part of a large set given to us a year ago by our Belgium friends.  I love the polar bear and gifts dazzles.  Add the Dutch words, and perfect holiday card for our Belgium friends!  I used copic markers to color in the bear and gifts, and a brown glitter ribbon to "tie" it all together.

Card arrived in 6 days in Belgium; package took another day or two.  They enjoyed it all.

I've got lots of greeting cards to create this year, so you will see plenty of postings over the next 12 months.  (Hopefully, we can make the holiday cards ahead of time and get them posted for you to see.)

Have a great new year!

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