Thursday, January 24, 2013

We are still discussing Greeting Card kits and the variety that are available.  This set is Card Making for Dummies South Seas kit by Creative Imaginations.  Now, I'm no "dummy" as I've been doing cards since 1993.  But you never know what new tips you can learn from a card kit.  Besides, I liked the designs of this kit and knew I would use some of the cards this year.

For this 10-card set, they provided all the printed cardstock prefolded. You punched out die-cut paper trim/matts and die-cut chipboard. Some kits will have the die-cuts and other bling numbered. I will match up the cardstock, envelope and numbered die-cuts, bling, etc., and have them all ready to go so I just go down the line making the cards. Simple, and less messy.  This kit did not provide adhesive, but did provide a set of rhinestones used on the cards.  No punching, cutting, trimming or ribbons -- but the layouts are pretty cool and I can use some of these ideas on my own cards.


I like this 4 seashells tile design.  I really need to use this layout in my own cards.

Come back tomorrow -- I still have two more sets of greeting cards that I did this past weekend to post!

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