Monday, October 1, 2012

You know how when you are going through your favorite scrapbooking or craft store looking for just the right papers, blings, stickers and sentiments to add to your current or near future project?  Then, something catches your eye.  "Love that paper!'s a kit... well..." (you look over the kit front and back carefully)  "...hmmm.  Okay, I'll try it.  The paper is just too nice to not pick up the kit.  If I don't like the projects in it, I can use the paper on my own projects."

This happens to me way too often.  Two weekends ago, I started work on a project from the Destinations Options kit by Pinecone Press.  The problem with these kits is you have choices -- greeting cards, book projects or scrapbooking page layouts.  Sometimes, it is an easy choice of what to make, sometimes not. This time, it was a difficult decision.  After carefully studying the 12-page project idea book that comes with each Options kit (thus, why they are called "Options"), I decided to do the travelogue.  After all, it is called Destinations.  My husband and I hope to take a major trip next January, so this will be an appropriate album to add our photos to.

Here is my finished album:

The thing about travelogues is you can have so much fun with them.  You can ink the edges of the front and back, and any or all pages in coordinating colors. You can use pop dots to "lift" things up to catch the eye.  Just remember to save room for photos!  The Big square and compass are on pop dots. The paper just below the Big square has been curled at two ends. Nice touch.

Always be sure to record information about your trip, preferably on the inside cover or first page. Notice the second page is only a half page with a ribbon around it. When we go on our trip, it WILL be a Journey!

Room for a photo or two on the back side of the half-page. When working with these types of travelogues, you may consider cutting your photos into pieces -- cutting out what is most important/focal point, especially if the backdrop is drab and of no consequence. This half page will accommodate a 3-inch photo. Add another photo to page 4 and tuck it under the North.South.East.West. banner, which is on pop dots.

 A place for a photo on Page 5. You can add a smaller photo on the pocket or information about the photos. Same for the tag on the left. The tag on the right in the pocket says "Explore Discover Escape".  Hmmm, a small photo would fit on the back of each tag.

Page 6 is actually 3 smaller pages...Go.See.Do. is Page 6.

Back side of Page 6 (which would be Page 7), and Page 8, a little bigger than Page 6/7. Room for photos on both. Notice these smaller pages have "Tabs" for easy page flipping and design.

Page 9 (back of Page 8) and a small page 10 above. Perfect for photos with a little room to spare to write a memory.

Back of Page 10/11. Page 12 is back to the regular size album page with room for photos and information. (All these yellow stickies are to remind me photos go there.)

 Page 13 (left) with room for a photo and trip information. Now here is something different and interesting -- Pages 14 and 15: Green fold-out for up to 3 photos, and the smaller brown page above.

 Turn the pages and you have "Relaxation Vacation Getaway" and a place for more photos on the back of the fold-out green paper (Pages 16 & 17). Room for more photos and trip information on Page 18 (right).

 Page 19 has a compass on paper with twine wrapped around. Place photo underneath. Page 20 has more room for photos and a final memory. Wow -- 20 pages squeezed into this little album with some fun creativity!

Back side of album.  The album size is 6 X 12 inches.  The chipboard and rings were included in the kit.  I generally do not like working with rings, but in this case, it seemed like a good fit. I prefer to bind my books with my Zutter Bind-It-All.

It took a day to make this travelogue.  After our trip, I will add not only photos, but tickets, receipts, and any other little knick-knack piece of paper as a reminder of our trip.  

Have you made a travelogue recently to document your trip?

Time to get back to making greeting cards.  My personal stash is getting low, and I need to make some new ones for holiday craft shows coming up.  Yes, it is that time of the year already!

PS. Sometimes companies will sell the kit papers separately, so if you do not want to buy the kit, check out their stock to see if they offer the pages and other related items separately.


  1. totally looks neat i love doing little projects like this juts to change things up a bit.

  2. Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoy other projects as well!